An Inspiration For Our Art Garden

The Village of Arts and Humanities, created by Lily Yeh, in Philadelphia, Pa. serves as an inspiration and model for The Carpenter Art Garden Starting with one mural and one abandoned property, a community of hope evolved. Streets known for drug dealing are now interspersed with pockets of hope and community initiatives. We hope to offer the Binghampton community, especially the children, the tools to create their own “pockets of hope” through ongoing art and gardening projects.

“…through art we transform the grittiness of everyday life into energy, beauty, joy, strength, to help us face the future.”

“… when community members participate in transforming their environment, the process often triggers other kinds of transformation, affecting the minds and hearts of individuals and the whole community.”

– LILY YEH, Founder of The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, PA & The International Organization Barefoot Artists

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Lily Yeh
An Inspiration

Our Mission

Working with the children of Binghampton to promote each one’s creative potential and self worth through exposure to artistic, educational, and vocational programs.

Our Vision

Empower the children of Binghampton to create their best futures.