Our Programs...

The Purple House

A multipurpose indoor space that hosts tutoring, small group art lessons, computer access, a laundry co-op for families, and employment opportunities for children and adults.

The Art Garden

The garden is a creative space where children gather each Tuesday to create art and build relationships

Community Gardens

The two gardens provide skill training, community building, and a space for families to grow healthy eating options.

Carpenter Street Bike Shop

This workshop space provides vocational training and job placement opportunities for children.  Bike mechanics, sewing, and community cooking classes are among the curriculum offerings.

Mosaic Art Park

Our ongoing community art project on the corner of Carpenter Street and Mimosa. Every Wednesday teen staff and community members work on this mosaic piece honoring Binghampton residents.


Our Mission

Working with the children of Binghampton to promote each one’s creative potential and self worth through exposure to artistic, educational, and vocational programs.

Our Vision

Empower the children of Binghampton to create their best futures.