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We’re in Binghampton

Carpenter Art Garden serves the Binghampton neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee.


125 children and youth rush to the Carpenter Art Garden after school each day to be with their friends, family, volunteers, and staff. Our team includes five neighborhood residents who are catalysts for change, influencing a new generation of leaders who are transforming their neighborhood.


Our Campus

Carpenter Art Garden’s campus is located on Carpenter Street between Johnson and Mimosa — the main walking path between Cornerstone/Lester Prep School and a large housing development. The stability of our spaces, which many children call home, allows us to consistently meet the needs of neighborhood youth.


The Carpenter Art Garden campus

The Carpenter Art Garden campus

The Art Garden
The Art Garden is our original outdoor creative space. Children gather here weekly to create art, build relationships, and experience performances.

Purple House
Our multipurpose, indoor space hosts small group art and music lessons, computer access, community meetings, and a laundry co-op for families.

Carpenter Street Workshop
This workshop space provides vocational training in bike mechanics, sewing, and cooking. It’s also home to a community bike shop.

Community Gardens
The two gardens provide skills training, community building, and a space for families to grow healthy eating options.

Aunt Lou’s House
This little house is devoted to our educational programs. Outdoor tutoring rooms were designed and built as an extension to the indoor space in partnership with the University of Memphis.

Mosaic Garden
A community-led public art project that honors former Binghampton residents.


Make This Place My Home


by Trayvius Butler, Art Garden founding member

This place is a wonderful place

This place is an encouraging place

This place is a place of hope

Which is the place I can come to joke

This place is full of joy

This place is where your love can’t be destroyed

This place is the place where no one is wrong

This is the place I call home

Our first Fall in the Garden with Brianna and Trayvius, Art Garden founding members

Our first Fall in the Garden with Brianna and Trayvius, Art Garden founding members